Our Classes are designed to take your from Absolute Beginners through to Advanced level!

We teach Salsa cross body lead (on 1), Kizomba, Bachata and Rueda de Casino at different levels.

Some examples of our syllabus of Salsa at each level:

Level 1 – The first steps for Beginners!
No dance experience or partner is needed. 
In this course we cover all the basic moves (mambo, side step, back step and open break), left and right turns for both ladies and gents, cross body leads with combinations, chasers and leading from behind.

Level 2
In this course we will be building on what you have learnt in Beginners and improve on them by adding: Brushes, flicks, cross body leads reversals, hammerlocks and combinations, dips and a whole lot more.

Level 3
This course is fun and challenging, refreshing some of the steps that you have already learned and rapidly moving to thrilling new moves, including dips and styling! Good foundations of previous levels is a must before you move to this one. We will teach you some brush combinations, box steps, basketball moves, checks, butterflies (or Titanics) with combinations, checks reversals and butterflies reversals.

Level 4
If you are ready to UP your game, try our Level 4!
It will make you sweat! To be able to cope with this course you will have to be on a comfortable Level 3.
In this course you will be taught how to spin (including double and triple spins), medias, copas, copas reversals, coca-colas and coca-colas with copas, walky-walkies, straight jackets, walky-wallkies with coca-colas, pockets and combinations of previous steps learnt.
Are you ready for this?? We are looking forward to see you on the dance floor!